About Our Council

Llanharry Community Council serves the communities of Llanharry and Tylagarw.

The Council usually meets on the second Wednesday of every month (except August) and all are welcome to observe these meetings.

Community Councils are the most local level of government and are independent of Borough councils although they maintain a close working relationship.

Councillors have an active interest in their communities and work in partnership with residents, local groups and collaborate with other councils when necessary.

Councillors help provide local services and take decisions that form the policy of the Council.  Councillors are not paid.  They have to abide by a Local Government Code of Practice, declaring any financial, personal or prejudicial interest in any matter under discussion at a Council meeting.

The Annual General Meeting of the Council is held in May and the Chair and Vice-Chair are elected by the Councillors.

9 Councillors represent our community, providing local views on planning and listening to and advising residents.

The Council employs one member of staff, the Clerk.

The Council also administrates Llanharry Cemetery and is responsible for the park, play area and multi use games area in the centre of the village and the two allotment sites at Fforest Road and Laureldene.

We give grants to local organisations and support Llanharry and Tylagarw Community Association, Llanharry AFC, Llanharry & Bryncae Junior Football, Royal British Legion Poppy Appeal, Y Pant Pupil Prize Giving Awards and Llanharry Allotment Association.