Local Boundary Review – Update

A reply to clarify the misunderstanding of the situation has been received from the Local Democracy and Boundary Commission as follows:

The Commission has today issued a news article and updated its review webpage to make clear the potential effect of our Draft Proposals.

The Commission has proposed that the community ward of Tyle-garw be represented in an electoral ward with the Community of Pont-y-clun for the purposes of county council representation only. There will be absolutely no change to the underlying community arrangements. The community ward of Tyle-garw will remain in the Community of Llanharry and remain an important part of it.

There will be no transfer of lands, services, amenities or council tax precepts as a result of the Commission’s proposals. The Commission is only proposing areas for county councillors to represent.

The Commission welcomes representations concerning this potential change in county council representation but issues concerning transfers of land, services and council tax precept will not be included when the Commission is considering the representations it receives.

More information on the review of Rhondda Cynon Taf can be found on the Commission’s website: https://ldbc.gov.wales/news/08-19/rhondda-cynon-taf-electoral-review-llanharry-and-pont-y-clun

Llanharry Community Council  and County Borough Councillor Wayne Owen are against this proposal as they believe that the communities of Tylagarw and Llanharry have close links. It seems strange that the Tylagarw will be represented by a Pontyclun County Borough Councillor and Llanharry a different County Borough Councillor despite both areas coming under Llanharry Community Council. The administration of this is just illogical and an administrative nightmare!


A review of the Electoral Arrangements of the County Borough of Rhondda Cynon Taf has been carried out by the Local Democracy and Boundary Commission for Wales.  In the draft proposals report it recommends that Tylagarw is taken from Llanharry Community Council and included with Pontyclun Community Council. A copy of the report can be viewed at www.ldbc.gov.wales

We are facing quite a battle as both Chris Elmore MP and Huw Irranca Davies AM fully support this proposal. 

 A proforma letter of objection can be found below and we have set up an on-line petition with change.org – Keep Tylagarw with Llanharry, alternatively your comments should be emailed to enquiries@boundaries.wales by 17th September.  Make your view count!

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